Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Survey of ADMT Lesson Experiences for 2011 (Semester 2)

As part of the ADMT department's efforts to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of students doing ADMT, a survey is conducted separately for both Secondary 1 and 2 students. The survey consists of only 15 questions and should not take more than 10 minutes long. The link to the survey are as shown below:

Secondary One: Survey Link

Thank You

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Term 4 Week 1

Dear Pupils of S101,

Hope you have a great break during the September holiday. This is the start of Term 4 and it is the most critical term in year 2011. The ADMT project will be due soon and you will be having your final year examinations.

I will be having Paternity leave for 3 days thus please continue to work on your solution in Google SketchUp and update the Design Journal.

Have a Good Week Ahead.

Edwin Lim

Sharing my JOY

My Little Princess, Lim Kai Xin was born on 8th Sept 2011, 4.13am.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

week 5: Guiding Questions

Dear pupils of S101,

Today is the start of week 5, and please be reminded that the first MMP needs to be handed up on Week 6. I have checked, but very disappointed to know that only a handful, less than 15 pupils actually submitted the chosen challenge. Please do so ASAP for those who yet to submit.

The next part of your journal is to generate guiding questions. Guiding questions are questions which are used to find answers to solve the chosen challenge. Examples of guiding questions.
1. Who are the target audience for my chosen challenge.< define the specific group of elderly.
2. Are there any existing solution to my chosen challenge? How can my solution be different or better?
3. How to ensure safety and comfort in my solution to the chosen challenge?< linked to ergonomic and anthropometry.

Research on the answers to the guiding questions and use the information to generate the requirement of your solution to the chosen challenge. These requirements are very critical and they are the guidelines for generating ideas for the solutions.

Focus and be on task.
Have a nice week ahead.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

T3 W2: Journal Continues....

Dear Pupils of S101,

I hope you have done your part for your second essential question. If you have yet to complete it, please continues to work on it.
Since there are two periods today, it will be a good time to work on third essential question, " How aging impact the life of an elderly?".

The third essential question, How aging impact the life on an elderly? is about the challenges faced by the elderly. This essential question is important for the making of the first multimedia presentation, thus it is important for you to think through and research thoroughly in writing this part. Please do create a mindmap to consolidate the challenges faced by the elderly. example, health> fragile bone> mobility challenge> walking...etc etc.....

I will check and monitor your progress the next ADMT lesson. Essential Questions must be completed by week three so that you have enough information and time to plan and work on your first multimedia presentation.
Have a good week ahead!

Edwin Lim

T3 W2: Journal Continues....

Dear Pupils of S101,

The start of week two, I hope you have researched and written the contents for the first essential question, " What are the issues leading to increasing aging population in Singapore?". During my absence today, please continue with the journal, concentrating on the second essential question," What are the issues surfaced due to increasing aging population in Singapore?".

You can refer to the first publication and the followings for references.

Research Paper

Videos clips for references:

I will check and monitor your progress the next ADMT lesson. Essential Questions must be completed by week three so that you have enough information and time to plan and work on your first multimedia presentation.
Have a good week ahead!

Edwin Lim

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear S101 Trexi Particiants,

Please fill up the form in this blog post. Your details will be printed on the certificate for the Trexi Design Competition.

Thank you

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animation Project: Completing the Group Journal

Dear Pupils of S101,

We are coming to the end of animation project. Beside completing your storyboard and animation clip, each individual is required to write reflection based on the following questions.

1. What have you learnt from the animation project?
2. What are your contributions?
3. What have you learnt about yourself through the process?
4. What have you learnt about your friends in your group?.. character, attitude.....
5. Do you deserve the same marks as your friends in the group?

Please sign off with your name after your reflection.

Upon completing the group journal, convert it into pages.
Name as the file as S101_group_Animation_Nameofmembers and submit the file to ADMT submit folder.

Due Date: 6th May 2011.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

T2 W3: Animation Task

Dear Pupils of S101,

During the animation lesson, the class has learnt about animation and the equipment used to create the motion of animation.

Animation Task1 :
With the template provided during the animation lesson, design and create two sets of animation consisting of 8 graphic clips. Cut the template according to the guidelines printed.

Animation Task 2:
Place the template on the equipment, Praxinoscope. Spin the Praxinscope and visualize how the graphics actually flow to become an animation.

Capture the animation and load the video clip onto your personal ADMT blog.
Copy and paste the link of your post in the comment of this blogpost.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wk10: Designing with Google SketchUp

This week, you are going to have fun with Google SketchUp.
Do take some time to watch the attached videos and understand the various tools of Google SketchUp.
1. Lines,
2. Push/Pull
3. Arc,
4. Offset
*Setting the unit of measurement: Click on SketchUp, preferences, templates: find product design(millimeters).

Today Task:
Using Google SketchUp, Design a Desk Tidy used to hold 2pens, a pencil, a ruler and an eraser.
Upon completing your design, export your design as 2D graphic and upload it to your personal ADMT blog.
Post the link of your work in the comment of this blogpost.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wk 9: Photography

Task Two: Create a Poster based on a theme of your interest.
Upload your poster in your personal ADMT blog and write a short description of it.

Copy and paste the link of your work in the comment of this blogpost.

Wk9: Photography

Photography is the process, activity, and art of creating still pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors.

Every picture tells a story/message and one of the arts of photography is making it clear what is the story/message you are trying to tell.

Go to Kodak and learn about the top ten tips to take photographs.

Task One: Create a Poster based on a theme, Energy Conservation/ Environment
1. Go around the school compound, take pictures of objects which may help to convey the message.
2. Create a simple message, add it to the picture taken to create a poster.
- Insert the picture into KeyNote
- Insert Text Box and write the message
- Go File, Export the file as JPEG
3. Upload the poster into personal ADMT blog, Title as Photography: Energy Conservation/ Environment.
4. Write the link of the personal ADMT blog in the comment of this blogpost.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wk9: Ideation with Playdoh!

Some of the potential problems that most students would have are in the areas of visualisation of their proposed ideas. For today's lesson, what we are going to do is to leverage on the flexibility of Playdoh for ideation and visualisation.

Design Challenge:
For your challenge, you are tasked to design a door-wedge or stopper that is going to be used for a toddler or for a child up to the age of 6 years of age. The design should fulfill the following considerations:
Use only a SINGLE colour material
Should not have sharp corners
Is secure when placed as a door stopper, meaning that it cannot be removed easily without adult supervision
Must have an interesting theme relevant to their age group, i.e. favourite cartoons, shows, fairy tales, etc
Use the Playdoh to create a model of your intended design or designs, and sketch it out on your sketchbooks. Take a picture of BOTH your models and sketches and upload them in your ADMT personal blog, putting in the URL in the 'Comments' section of this post.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sketching Test Rubrics

Design Exercise

You are given a set of recycled materials for each task, consisting of 3 water bottles, a cardboard box and a sponge.
Using some/all of the recycled materials,
Task 1: Design a book stand used to hold 6 books at upright position.
Task 2: Design a storage/holder used to hold 3pens, 2 pencils, a stapler and an eraser.

*All recycled materials can be modified by cutting/bending.
*At least one drawing of the design must be in isometric projection and should be annotated to communicate your idea.
Additional type of drawings may be included in your work.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wk7: Identifying Bad Design

Identifying Bad Design
Go to the website. Take a moment to study the products and situations that are listed in the site. These are some typical examples of designs or situations that are badly-designed, and might lead on to rather unpleasant product or usage experiences by the users.

Based on these examples:
Showcase a few products or situations that you can use and highlight as an example of something that is badly designed, whether be it a product, or a situation
Put these as a blogpost in your personal ADMT blogs.
Place the link/s to your posts in the comments section of this post
Remember to include these items in your blog post:
The problem (product or situation)
Proposed solution
A picture or pictures of the product/situation (do remember to quite your photo sources if they are taken from some other sites!)
You can use this mechanical pencil example as a guide

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk7: Generating Storyline

Please get into your groups and start to generate storyline for your animation project.
Do view ANIMATION SHOWCASE as a reference.

Using the shared goggle document, each member in the group is required to generate at least one story to educate SST about energy conservation. You can start by thinking about the end message of the story. Start from the End, and think of the situations that happen which will eventually led to the message.

Please take note of the following areas:
1. Number of scenes required.
2. Characters in the story
3. Scenes/ Locations
4. Duration 1-2mins

After generating the story, show the completed story by drawing out the different characters and scenes/locations.

Setting Criteria/requirements of Story
Get into your group and discuss about the requirements of the story so as to attract the attention of the targets.
These requirements are important as they will be used to assess the different stories.

Evaluation of Story using the requirements
Create a simple matrix using the requirements and the different stories.
Sharing of story by one of the member in the group.
As a group, discuss how the story fared against the requirements in the matrix.
Continue until all members shared their stories.
Determine the BEST storyline.
Transfer all discussion and matrix into the shared document.

Creation of characters and scenes
Design the different characters and scenes required for the animation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shape Borrowing/ Force Fitting

Using force fitting/shape borrowing and taking note of ergonomics and anthropometry, design a desk tidy used to store/hold 3pens, 2 pencils, a 15cm ruler, an eraser and a stapler.

Use diagrams and short notes to communicate your design. Show how the stationeries are placed in your design.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is ADMT?

This is your second task. What is ADMT?
On the paper, draw your thoughts, ideas and expectations of ADMT. Upon completing your drawing, take a picture of it and upload to your ADMT personal blog. Please do describe your drawing.

Edwin Lim

S101 Personal ADMT Blog

Dear Pupils of S101,

Welcome to SST! This is the first task for ADMT. Please create a personal ADMT blog which is portfolio used to store your thoughts, reflections, mini assignments and projects.

Upon completing your blog, please fill in the form so that the URL of your personal blog can be captured.