Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk7: Generating Storyline

Please get into your groups and start to generate storyline for your animation project.
Do view ANIMATION SHOWCASE as a reference.

Using the shared goggle document, each member in the group is required to generate at least one story to educate SST about energy conservation. You can start by thinking about the end message of the story. Start from the End, and think of the situations that happen which will eventually led to the message.

Please take note of the following areas:
1. Number of scenes required.
2. Characters in the story
3. Scenes/ Locations
4. Duration 1-2mins

After generating the story, show the completed story by drawing out the different characters and scenes/locations.

Setting Criteria/requirements of Story
Get into your group and discuss about the requirements of the story so as to attract the attention of the targets.
These requirements are important as they will be used to assess the different stories.

Evaluation of Story using the requirements
Create a simple matrix using the requirements and the different stories.
Sharing of story by one of the member in the group.
As a group, discuss how the story fared against the requirements in the matrix.
Continue until all members shared their stories.
Determine the BEST storyline.
Transfer all discussion and matrix into the shared document.

Creation of characters and scenes
Design the different characters and scenes required for the animation.

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